Team Members


Vihar Devalla

Student Community Builder and Webmaster

Vihar is a sophomore from PES University studying Computer Sciene Engineering.He is pursuing projects in the fields of CyberSecurity and Machine Learning and has experience in Web Development.

He is an avid tech enthusiast with lifelong passion towards learning something new. Vihar is an upbeat, self-motivated team player with excellent communication skills.

Vihar actively participates in various global CTF(Capture The Flag) Events like HactivityCon CTF, Zh3r0 CTF,NoobCTF and many more under the handle(@VikedJoker) for team nUb5.Under the Machine Learning domain, he completed a project on Fake News Classification , and is currently working on a research paper on Analytical Comparison of Classification Models for Raga Identification in Carnatic Classical Audio.

Vihar continuously contributes to communities.He is looking forward to build student-industry collaboration in association with CSA Bangalore Chapter.