An interactive, foundation webinar series of cloud security conducted by experienced professionals from the industry with case studies and practice sessions.

At the end of these session, the participant will:

  1. Learn basic concepts of cloud computing and cloud security.
  2. Gain knowledge on industry use cases.
  3. Have hands-on experience in configuring basic Cloud services.


  1. Sessions are conducted over Zoom.
  2. Each session runs for a minimum 90 minutes.
  3. Sessions are interactive with polls, Chats, Q&A, in between webinars.
  4. Participants earn CPE credits and participation certificates for attending both sessions and successful completion of tasks assigned at the end of day 1.

Program Schedule

Foundations of Cloud Computing

Day 1: Learn

Learn about why Cloud Computing is essential in today’s world

  1. Traditional mode of computing
  2. Evolution of Cloud and rapid growth adoption
  3. Industry examples and case studies (ex: Swiggy, Paytm, Amazon)
  4. Definition of Cloud Computing and Essential characteristics
  5. Cloud service models and their features ( Pizza as a service)
  6. Deployment models (Private, Hybrid and Community) with industry examples
  7. Identity and Access Management and Examples in the enterprises
Practice Session
  1. Demo of at least one cloud platform: Learn on how to create account, access to the platform, creating a new instance, and publishing a static page
  2. Assignment to complete before session on Day 2

Day 2: Explore
  1. Present the assignment results and share experiences
  2. Identify pain points and discuss best practices
  3. Test your skills learned around cloud computing